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If you are tired of struggling with the same issues and genuinely desire radical change and complete transformation, this is the study for you.

You may be familiar with the word “salvation”; but what you may not know is that the word “salvation” comes from the Greek word “soteria”. The definition of “soteria” is to be made whole or completely healed. This means that God’s plan of salvation always involved us being made whole and completely healed. The experience of salvation is about a Total Life Change. God cares about your Fitness, Faith, Family, and Finances. His will is that all of these critical areas of our lives are made whole and completely healed.


Be Free Participants Workbook

“Be Free” is a small group, deliverance curriculum that helps people find freedom from their past, develop a passionate relationship with Jesus, and find an expression of their purpose. “Be Free” is dedicated to equipping believers to victoriously wage spiritual warfare, experience personal cleansing, and minister freedom to others. The most effective, long-lasting results are gained when “Be Free” is experienced in a group setting, not individually.