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In life everyone will go through different stages. No matter what you are walking through, The Worship Center Christian Church's Care Ministry wants to encourage and help you on your journey. Whether your needs are physical, emotional, relational or financial, our desire is to support and help you grow into a more abundant life in Jesus Christ. If you would like to request visitation, support or other ministry services, TWCare is here for you!

TWCare is devoted to ensuring you are seen and heard by The Worship Center community. We exist to serve you. Whether your needs include visitation, support, community outreach, or other services, our desire is to help you grow into a more abundant life in Jesus Christ.

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Visitation is one way in which TWC communicates our care to members. This is a corporate effort between our pastors, ministers, and deacons. You’ll be visited by a compassionate, well-equipped member of our team. We offer visitation services for the following groups of individuals: 

Elderly people living independently, especially if they are isolated.  //  Elderly or disabled people in nursing homes.  //  People dealing with a prolonged sickness.  //  Those who are hospitalized.  //  Those who are staying in shelters.  //  Those struggling with bereavement.  //  Those incarcerated.  //  People in crisis.

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TWC’s mission is to come alongside you during seasons in which you need encouragement from a positive, faith-based community. Support encompasses a range of areas, including but not limited to: 

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Services assists in answering questions about:

Our team will be in touch to provide you with the responses you need. Click on the services needed and complete the form.

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Community Outreach

TWC is intentional to expand our reach beyond the walls of the church and be the hands and feet of Jesus in our communities. Through TWC Serve Days, Outreach Small Groups, disaster relief efforts, and our annual Fall Fun Festival, we are making a difference in the lives of others. Here are additional outreach efforts that take place annually at TWC: 

  • CDF Freedom Schools: This free, six-week summer program promotes reading literacy, and empowers children to return to school without experiencing summer learning loss. 
  • Financial Literacy Conference: This annual conference is free to the public, and provides information related to legacy building and wealth management. Attendees will learn about the importance of budgeting, the steps to homeownership, what it takes to start a business, and much more.  
  • Operation Help and Hope: Hosted by the HUB CDC, this annual event provides healthcare screenings, legal services, housing options, and more to those in need. It takes place in both Birmingham and Anniston, Alabama.
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Check out our TWCare Resource Guide for resources and more information

TWCare Resource Guide