Weekly Advantage: January 2023 #4 Stop Struggling – Hope in God and Make the Changes

weekly advantage Jan 25, 2023

Let’s begin this week with a goal to cease struggling and find our hope in God to make the changes toward the life of health and wholeness God desires for us. Whether you are struggling with the same issues again and again or looking for a complete transformation in your life toward complete healing – the answer is found in God. 

You might be surprised to learn the word we know as “salvation” is derived from a Greek word, soteria, defined as to be made whole or completely healed. Fascinating, isn’t it - God’s plan of salvation is to make us whole, to completely heal us! Salvation in Christ brings a total life change in which we can live the abundant life God desires for us (John 10:10). 

God cares about every aspect of our lives and wants us to be whole and healthy. So, how do we get where He wants us to be? The change begins with our mindset. Each of us has either a growth mindset or a fixed mindset. A fixed mindset is stuck believing our qualities, talents, health, abilities, and circumstances can never change. A growth mindset is the opposite, completely open and willing to learn what God is teaching. A growth mindset believes our qualities, talents, health, abilities, and circumstances can change and develop, improving with God’s help. Which mindset do you have? Are you ready to embrace a growth mindset and allow God to do something new in your life?

 May this be the week we take the first step toward a growth mindset, embracing God’s plan for an abundant life, and following God’s guidance to make the changes needed to be completely healed and whole! I’m praying for you!


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